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I am relentless.

Una Adelita - cloaked in a pedigree,

rich in hierarchy, valor not lost in whispering winds of history.

This is my birthright.

A token of gratitude

for all those faded in remnant residue.

My ancestors - Mestizos y Tarascan

native tongue displaced throughout stretched time.

I am reincarnated warrior -

Frida of my life to create beauty

in healing presences.

My soul ignited for knowledge

and twisting words I am

Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz.

The convictions that are held

through battles within are lead by

Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla - my independence

is won with every breathe I take.

A protector to my daughter,

I am Cuauhtemoc, and she

is the greatest treasure.

My aching past is the grounding foundation

to new kingdom coming - a bright revolution

with Zapata in my glimmering eyes

of a hopeful future.

I am relentless,

Una Adelita,

and this -

is my birthright.

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