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Breathing with Purpose

So, the last time I have posted a blog I was an hour away from my book release.

Since that day so much has happened. My life has shifted in so many ways. A lot of ups and many lows. But the one thing I keep holding onto is a phrase someone special told me the day of my book release, "Calm down, your dream is coming true, keep breathing with purpose."

Breathing with purpose, now that is a statement to live by. I have been telling myself those words countless times throughout the days.

My affirmation, my prayer, my hope.

So let me tell you about the book release, I was sweating bullets the whole week of my release. I wasn't eating very much, my stomach was all over the place. When the day finally came it had been a day and a half since the last time I ate food. I was seriously scared shitless about the whole event! I felt like no one was going to really show up and that only a handful of my family would be there. My sister came down from Oakland and we set up all her paintings to showcase. Long story short, it was a packed house!

I am completely blown away with the turn out, people I hadn't seen in years, I mean 10 years came out to show support! Everyone that was there, was family to me. It was blood family and my friends that became family along the way and that night, my poetry was the bridge to bring everyone together. I am still amazed with what everyone said and I am absolutely humbled.

So now, people keep asking me, what is next??? And the answer is, wait and see. I have already made moves for this next chapter of my life. I made a promise, to keep breathing with purpose, to work for a better future. I have drive and a reason to work harder than ever, I believe in the future I want and I will do my best to make great strides to get there.

Yes, I am already working on my next book of poetry and no I am not sure what is going to happen in life. I just keep praying for strength. On the good days I pray for peace and strength, on the bad days, I say fuck it.

But for now, I am breathing with a purpose and promise.

Thank you for all the love and support! I appreciate you guys!


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