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From the start

This entry today, is about how this whole poetry thing started.

In order to understand what was going on you need to realize, although I am very open when it comes to writing somethings in poetry - I am actually very private IRL.

Usually with everyone I am joking and trying to make sure everyone else is okay. I keep things bottled in and would hold all my pain, sadness, and remorse. My older sister Araceli was once upon a time, my walking diary.

Growing up she and I shared a room along with our secrets,we spent hours at night just talking about anything and everything. As life went on and I moved out, we grew apart. Years later, after my daughter was born and after the abuse, I moved back to my parents. Araceli was about to move out to San Francisco, pursuing her dream in art and painting but before she left, she told me she was taking a poetry workshop in Uptown Whittier. This workshop is hosted my Eric Morago. She said to try it, it could be my creative outlet. And that's the story of how it all started.

This is for you Chely:

From the Start

You were the key to my words,

the keeper of hope and aspirations.

The bonding of blood surpassed

by a friendship within kin.

As you left for happiness

to be rid of sad eyes in heart.

You gifted a voice within a shattered throat.

To breathe life into dreams of poetry.

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