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6-Finish what you started

Hello and good evening,

Hope you all are having such a wonderful Saturday!

Today has been marvelous for me to say the least. These last few months of looking and editing my manuscript have been hard to say the least, I have grown extremely analytical and critical for my own writing. I have ended up growing sick of all my poems and wished to write only new poems.

This morning I had gotten up and went to a workshop in the Art District in beautiful Downtown Los Angeles. This was a new workshop for me and during this workshop I got to write with different and wonderful poets! I got to learn new writing techniques and was able to learn more about presenting/performing pieces on stage. I cannot wait to go back and learn more!

After the workshop was done I found myself walking the streets of Los Angeles where I found a place to eat and drink and was able to edit many poems! I felt like Bukowski with writing and editing and had a new vigor in the final stages of these edits.

Writing is very exhausting but it was a natural high and I felt utterly happy and full of purpose today! I loved being a writer and I appreciate being able to write all that I have done so far!

Thank you for reading and all your support! I am now off to bed for my mind is fried!

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