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4-Finish what you started

So I didn't get to blog about my experience with this 21 day challenge yesterday because I actually didn't have access to a computer after work. And I couldn't blog during work since it was actually very busy. But today I can blog since there is some downtime and I am just going to make this very brief.

So yesterday was a challenge indeed, I tired to be very proactive yesterday after work, I got home changed and went to an open mic for a new second hand bookstore, but the traffic and terrible parking. My 30 minute drive ended up being about an hour and 20 minutes. So I gave up and decided to go to my next thing which was the gym. I didn't feel like working out. I actually just wanted to be in my bed sleeping or binge watching my new show that I have a few seasons to watch. I worked out then went home. I was tired and actually ready to lay down and edit my poetry, that's where the struggle happened.

When I got home all the electricity was out. It was very dark and cold and I was just about to give up and said to myself, "HECK NO! You better find a way to work still you got to make your own deadline." I found a small flashlight and laid in my bed editing till I fell asleep! I was pretty proud of myself for not giving up and it gave me a renewed motivation on my editing!

I will get this done!

Thanks for reading! I'll blog a little later for today's challenge!

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