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Life of a writer

Good morning everyone that happens to cross my super lame blog.

As you may know I am currently working on my manuscript for my book that is tentative to release this coming year, 2018.

I usually write and edit my work after everything is finished. Meaning after my daughter goes to bed, after I make her lunch and the dishes and kitchen is all cleaned, after a long day of work. So usually it's close to midnight when I even start to pay attention to my writing.

So last night I worked out after work and then did my whole mom routine - minus the dishes cause I was too tired to even care so tonight I'll have to work a little more. Anyways, I fell asleep while writing.

Face planted into my notebook. When I woke up this morning my glasses were crooked, drool smeared my late night thoughts into oblivion and I had ink tattooed on the side of my face like Mike Tyson.

It was a funny way to wake up. Thought it would be something funny and random to share.

Thank you for taking to time to read this and I hope it made you laugh a little! :)

Have a great day!

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