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my apologies

I know that I have not been the best blogger/poet on my website. To be completely honest, writing on this website is scary. A blog feels like a diary entry that anyone can read because I want to be open and honest. And for poetry, I am being selfish and keeping all the good stuff for my book that will be coming out this coming year. I would love to have more feedback on what people want on this blog, I love hearing from you guys and you uplift me.

So lately I have just been tired, feel like I am just running on fumes and not making a lot of moves. The introverted side of me has been taking over little more everyday and I just want to be in bed and sleep and not do anything. I know I usually push myself till I get sick, which I was sick last week and 2 till I can't think straight. That point I reached yesterday. Today I am feeling emotional and like I am ready to cry for no reason, feeling very overwhelmed and defeated.

I just want to eat badly in bed and maybe cry? but sleep is for sure on the list. Basically I just want to be a puppy for the weekend - eat, play, and sleep. Oh and of course I need love and snuggles.

I need to take a break to calm myself down and recenter. I need to get back to my productive routine where I feel like I am making the right moves and becoming who I am meant to be.

So update on my book, it is scheduled for this coming year. I am slowly getting back to editing my work and have been writing a few new things for it. Currently, I am loving the workshop I am in and it has brought the fun back in writing with imagination. When I was attending USC, my writing felt forced and lacked love and imagination. Right now I am just having fun with the things I am writing right now and I am really loving and enjoying writing.

So thank you for reading this little rant/apology. Please give me your feedback and ideas of things you guys want to see on here, this is still new for me and I am not too sure what direction this is going to take. But please let me know.

Thank you

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