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10-21 good ole now days

Good morning and happy National Poetry Day! I know I have not posted any poems in a while and that is all my fault! Actually I haven't been very consistent with this website and that all falls on me! I will do my best to get back on FREE STYLE FRIDAY and I will do my best to keep writing these random entries for this writing challenge. (I need to catch up because I have been slacking on that)

Today's challenge is to write about how the good ole days are just as good if not better today.

If you have been reading these entries you will see that I have been having a hard time with being where I am in life. I am not used to being in a place of happiness and content. I have been having a hard time with having all my hard work paying off. I have been having a hard time dealing without chaos.

I think about all the times I have experienced in life and have been very much reflecting on my life recently. I am blessed to have overcome all the adversities and I am thankful to God.

The reflection that has been going on has been an eye opening one especially after the anxiety attack I recently experienced. I am happy with all that life has given me and I am just trying to enjoy the journey on where I want to be in life.

Life is a beautiful struggle.

There are so many ups and downs, and things that go round and round. All I can do is be in control of myself and try to take the strides I have been doing. I know with all my hard work that I am doing things will pay off and I will continue to grow into the woman I am meant to be.

Everyday is the best time of my life because I am making them that way!

Thank you.

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