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5/21 - love

this entry is about love and what it takes to have a long lasting relationship.

now even though i hate to admit it i might be a serious sap when it comes to love. and although the longest relationship i have had has been 5 years, i still have had plenty of bad ones.

and i am very young, i have already been married and gone through divorce. did all that before i even turned 25 years old. my marriage was a nightmare, even though i was given the greatest gift, my daughter, the hardships that i had gone through still effect the person i am on a daily basis. one day i hope that i wont struggle internally the way i do with myself.

i would think to have a long last relationship you have to really take your time to get to know the person, no need to rush into marriage. take your time and become this persons best friend, yet, still have your own life away from them. not one person can be all your happiness and they cant be your defining thing in life. this person needs to be your biggest supporter and you to them. that you two have to learn to balance each others eating habits and cleaning routines. you have to learn to share and accept faults of your own or theirs. that to have this long lasting love i believe both people need to give one another an unconditional love.

to give your all to them and what you two have. that you two have to build your own kingdom before having one for both of you. that you both need to listen. always show them you love and care for them. be best friends, take care of each other, always have their backs. be the ride or die.

never settle, love is a lifetime thing - you don't want to be with someone that doesnt think gold comes out of your ass. be with someone that matches you and wants your goodness and badness. be with someone that gives you that homerun over the fence kinda feeling, the over the moon dish running away with the spoon type of love.

be the best versions of yourselves and grow and learn with one another not apart.

be with someone that believes you are everything wonderful and so much more.

thats what i think, but i could be wrong.

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