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4/21 - childhood

today i am supposed to be writing about childhood. dreams, hopes, and blissful ignorance that children have.

being a mother to a young girl has really changed my life. as she gets older i have realized the importance of keeping her innocence and sense of belief with magic in the world.

she lives between two very different homes, mine and her fathers house. i never had to do that before but i would think it somehow is difficult for her.

this world is so cynical and full of ignorant angry people all i want to do is for the magic to stay in her eyes.

in order for me to do such a thing for her, i have been doing everything i can to ignite the magic within me. it has been challenging since i have come from serious depression, and having been through an abusive relationship. but realizing my scars cannot be apart of my innocent daughters life. she deserves a happy magical childhood.

so through the depths within, i have lived to believe in magic yet again. magic as much as i believe in God. magic is in everything and everywhere.

i dont think kids are blissfully ignorant, in fact i think it's adults that are the ignorant ones in todays day and age. only because people limit themselves into thinking they know everything and take things far too personally and make things far more dramatic than needed.

i think living with constant curiosity and continuous experiences is a beautiful thing that allows people to learn and grow within themselves. i believe if you work hard you honestly can achieve endless possibilities and that you are the only person that can really limit yourself.

i live my life as a free fall with my experiences, just see where things take me and just keep going with whatever path my choices take me. the only thing constant is to live the best life with my daughter.

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