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3/21 - good news

today i am supposed to be writing about something good that has happened within my community. with all the terrible things that have been going on in the world it is hard to remember all the good.

so community, i am going to be doing great things that have happened to two of my great friends.

my lifelong friend that i have known since i was 3 years old just got engaged this weekend. finding out she was engaged made me filled with so much joy for her! i know they have been together for a long time and i know they have been through and continue to be each other best friends and greatest supports. she does every bit of happiness and i am filled with joy to see all the wonderful things going on for her in life! she is one of my bestest friends and i want nothing but blessings sent out to her!

another one of my best friends started a new amazing job today! she just finished getting her masters degree this passed summer and i know she has been working so hard. she has received this amazing career opportunity and with all the hard work she will flourish!

i am so blessed to have an amazing community of friends! my closest friends feel like family to me and i am so grateful for all the support they give me! i wish everyone nothing but wonderful success and endless moments of happiness!

this is my good news from my community.

thank you,

Alexandria Espinoza

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