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1/21 - #21DDW


so there this 21 day writing challenge that i will be taking. along with my FREE STYLE FRIDAY, and also my writing workshop. this will not be grammatically correct and some of them won't be poems. i don't know what to expect but i just want to keep writing and making this a routine. with editing my poems for book, i just want to get out of the frustration of writing. i love writing, this blog is mostly just first draft poems and kinda just last minute "oh shit, poems!" i started this blog to continue writing.

i am writing my first book and i hope all this work pays off. i plan to write another book after this one is finished, it is already being brainstormed and i am so excited about that idea but i just want to finish and nurture this first book.

failure is not an option, i will succeed.

i hope you enjoy this random part of my blog and if you have any suggestions or want to request a poem go ahead and let me know!

thank you,

alexandria espinoza

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