• Alexandria Espinoza & Joshua Pandy


Consumed with agony

suffocating breathes.

Wishing there is enough oxygen

left to carry me to the next moments.

I put food in the stomachs of my enemies

as my mouth is salivating.

They have all they need, yet beg for offerings.

Masquerading leeches they call themselves friends.

A bite to share with my neighbor,

so my sacrifice actually means something.

Contemplating suicide.

The acoustics of solitude is perfection,

behind my eyes silence is saying "surrender to slumber".

The echoes of hearts whispers aren't loud enough to revive a beat.

The words I need to breathe are words of life once spoken;

the bubbles in the water don't have air to inflate my lungs.

A collapsing labyrinth drowning in lost hope.

Life is a mistress I tried to live with,

but death offered security.

Oh, how consistent he is;

teasing me as he held me tightly.

I know if I give him a chance

he is willing to give rest

to this burdening soul.

I honored life the best way I know.

By being faithful to vows set,

till death do us part. And so it was.

A marvelous matrimony,

between life and death,

as I danced in grays of suicide.

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© 2017 by Alexandria Espinoza